„Jeder Musiker, der die Partituren der komischen Opern analysiert, wird nicht vergebens nach Ernsthaftigkeit und Seriosität suchen.„


Arthur Sullivan

Quellekritische Editionen



Robin Gordon-Powell:

Orchester- und Vokalwerke von Arthur Sullivan

Die Sullivan Edition des Dirigenten und Musikverlegers Robin Gordon-Powell

bietet Partituren, Studien- und Aufführungsmaterial von selten gespielten Werken Sullivans:


Sullivan: Ivanhoe

Kritische Edition der Partitur von Robin Gordon-Powell


Hinweis des Herausgebers:

As with all of my previous publications of Sullivan's music, this one has been taken direct from the composer's manuscript, as well as other original sources, where available (there are very few of these!).

Ivanhoe  is a very large score (over 600 pages) and as a result it is necessary to produce it in 3 volumes.  Each volume will be printed on heavy, good-quality paper, with cloth-covered, hard-back covers.

A full score if Ivanhoe  was printed by Chappell & Co at the time of the first performances (1891).  This was never made available for sale, and very few copies of the original exist, although photocopies have been around for years, and have provided the only available source for this opera; the original orchestral parts were mostly destroyed by fire, and all performances of Ivanhoe  since 1966 have been from parts copied out from this 1891 score.  Anyone who has worked from the Chappell score will know that it is full of errors and inconsistencies, but having been able to compare this with the composer's manuscript, it becomes apparent just how  deeply flawed this printed score really is, as well as all orchestral parts copied from it.  My new score (and matching orchestral material) corrects all these mistakes and omissions, and will be used for the SASS / CHANDOS recording of Ivanhoe  in summer 2009.



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